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Date : 10th August 2019 (Saturday)

Venue : Kuala Lumpur 

Time : 8:30 am - 5 pm


Open to Young Active Citizens age to send team to participate. Only 5 members allow to
register as a (1)team.


Team will be given a specific title to brainstorm & present a business model by the event of the time given.


Each team will be given a specific case to brainstorm on & present a business model solution within a given time frame.


Teams will be placed in their individual breakout rooms and are given 3 hours to read, analyze, prepare
solutions for the case and design a presentation to the panel of judges.


The solutions will be presented to a panel of 5 entrepreneur judges. Each presentation should last no
longer than 10 minutes followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.


Electronic devices such as laptops and mobile tablets are not allowed. Use of PowerPoint is prohibited
until the team presents their analysis to the judges. Participants are only provided with writing materials.


Each team will present on stage in a live session to judges & attendees. Judges will give score each team & decide who is the winner to qualify for the Championship Trophy.

Who you need in a team :-

1) A Visionary & Business Minded Person

2) A Great Presenter Who Can Pitch

3) A Numbers-sensitive Person

4) A Creative Talent for Graphics

5) An Unconventional Marketer

Registration Term & Condition :-

 Rm500/team for registration fee.


 Fee include 5 pax championship participants fee & 5 x conference pass .


 No refund once submitted fee & registration form.


 All Team participants need to fill in real data for identity checking on event day.


 Last Minute Participants Substitute will be done formally with the admin team.

Participating team members compulsory to attend 1 days “Pre NECC training” to prepare for NECC Entrepreneur Championship.


Champion = RM2,000 + Championship Trophy + Prizes

First Runner Up = RM 1,000 + Trophy + Prizes

Second Runner Up = Rm 500 + Trophy + Prizes



Bank Account Details

CIMB (8007-820-295)

Junior Chamber International Lead Tropicana

RM 500 / Team




+6017-428 8945

Organising Chairman(OC) - Keith

General Enquiry

+6018-233 1645

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