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Nicholas Chong

Founder of JLD Dragon Brew Malaysia 
CEO of YFS Corp

Nicholas has been an icon in the retail industries with more than 10 years. He runs a multi million dollar retail chain store with more than 100 retail outlets. In 2016, he was named as The Retail Wizard by Malaysia SME, a person who has successfully transformed and restructured several local retail company. As today, he has been consulting several projects and retail brand implementing from Design, Build and Sell.

His satisfactory is being proud to create a home grown Malaysian brand that could be carried across the globe.


With such visions, Nicholas as the MRCA (Malaysia Retail Chain Association), Councils members who also leads as the MRCA YOUTH DIVISIONS Chief for 2018-2020. With tremendous growth in the members, he leads a group of young entrepreneurs to develop and creatively strengthen theirs brands. With much networking and personal experience, his passion is to make a significant change to attract the young generations to explore and venture in one of Malaysia highest GDP contributors,
The RETAIL Industries.

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