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( Winner of the Best of the Best Project @ JCI Asia Pacific Conference 2019 )

(Best of the Best Award 2021 )

(Best Local Business & Entrepreneurship Program Award Winner 2021 )

( Winner of the JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Awards 2021 )

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Welcome to NECC 5.0 – The Accelerator Program to Excellence!

Firstly, we deeply appreciate your time and consideration. Your support aids us immensely in our quest to empower women-owned businesses in the nation.

Yes, statistics tell us that only 20% of SMEs are owned by women. Women face a daunting array of challenges when it comes to leading successful businesses: limited access to financial or social capital, lack of confidence and mental health issues are some of the commonly quoted obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs.

NECC 5.0 was created with the mission to empower women entrepreneurs, allowing them to rapidly accelerate and expand their businesses. We will achieve this by equipping them with crucial business skills, connecting them to impactful and relevant networks, and facilitating business collaboration opportunities for them.

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Speaker / Judges

To create a long-term, sustainable women entrepreneur’s program that groom & raise women’s talent in the business world – creating positive impact to the world & economic growth

To empower young active women entrepreneurs with the relevant self-sustainable skills & resources in leading successful businesses

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In line with the 2030 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

In line with the 2030 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), ensure to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


In line with the 2030 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training. 

In line with the 2030 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), to reduce inequalities within and among countries



90  DAYS

Am I qualified?

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Alleya Cheng

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Founder of SoundLife Hearing

Alleya Cheng is the Founder & Chief Audiologist of Soundlife Hearing. She obtained her B. Audiology (Hons.) from UKM in 2011.

Alleya had 9 years working experience as an Audiologist across different sub-industry for the Audiology field, such as hearing aid manufacturer, various hearing clinics and hospital. She is expert in handling different hearing loss and tinnitus cases whom her patients are ranging from newborn to elderly.

SoundLife Hearing is a one-stop hearing healthcare centre located at SS2, PJ that focuses on the diagnostic and management of hearing disorder. We help people suffered from hearing loss to hear again using the latest cutting edge hearing aid technology including cochlear implant solutions.

Alleya is passionate about conducting hearing awareness to the public because 'Sound is Life'. Living in the world of sounds can transform a person’s lifestyle and personality. She had spoken about hearing awareness talk topics for the church, e-sport events and etc.

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Dato James Foo


Serial Entrepreneur | Founder of Snappers Group of Companies

For nearly 30 years, He has run over 80 Businesses of which 5 are Multi-Million Dollar Businesses before he was 40 years old. Consulted with and advised over a dozen leading corporations, NGOs to SMEs. Published 3 books to date and is a sought-after speaker.

To date, he has managed and close 90+ deals globally. His biggest deal was USD600 Million. He holds directorships in 23 companies, 3 countries across 13 industries.

He shares openly and is grateful to have had the good fortune to cross paths with many brilliant Billionaires, Business leaders, Military Generals, Head Surgeons, Nation Building Experts, Advisor to Governments, Prime Ministers & Presidents who’ve generously shared their knowledge, experience, and insights with him.

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Alfred Ang


CEO & Founder of CALTRiX

Alfred Ang is CEO & Founder of CALTRiX, also a cloud accounting evangelist and a young active citizen; CALTRiX specializes in Cloud Accounting Software implementation which helping SMEs to improve business efficiencies in generating real-time financial information for enhanced business decision making. Since 2015, he has helped more than 500 SMEs in digital transformation successfully. Other than that, he has ventured into five businesses mainly in accounting and recycling industry. His past experiences covered the area of accounting, finance, venture capital and corporate finance.

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Cynthia Chiam


Head of Academy division for pitchIN

Cynthia wears multiple hats when it comes to work, business and participating in an association. Her employment, businesses and association work are intertwined. She prefers to spend her time managing projects, meeting people and doing business. She currently works as the Head of Academy division for pitchIN, Malaysia's leading equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform. She is the main coordinator for pitchIN's own Fundraising Accelerator programme. In JCI, she is appointed as the National Growth & Development Commission Chairman - a role that requires her to grow membership headcount for the entire JCI Malaysia.


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Phoon Yee Min

Partner of MCM International Consultancy PLT

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Joshua Tan

Engineer and ACE certified fitness trainer.

Jessica Tan

Professional Trainer and Facilitator

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Yuki Aizawa

Co-Founder of Rinne Technologies & Consulting


Sofia Leong

Author, Trainer, Franchise Consultant


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Louise Teh  (Organizing Chairlady)  +60 12-207 8830

Eugene  (Program Director)     +60 12-409 9066

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