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Founder of Oxwhite

CK Chang is the founder of Oxwhite, a lifestyle brand with a mission of introducing luxury essentials to the market at honest prices. Hailing from humble beginnings, CK has amassed over 11 years of experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry and maintains an ever-growing passion for entrepreneurship. Since founding Oxwhite, he has successfully led the brand in gaining over 21,000 customers in the course of 11 months


About Oxwhite:

Inspired by the level of craftsmanship he found in London's Savile Row, CK Chang travelled for 2 years in search of the world's best factories and materials to bring that same level of quality back to Asia priced as honestly as possible. The result was a quality non-iron shirt which led to the beginning of Oxwhite. Today, Oxwhite empowers Asians to look good and feel good, offering confidence at an affordable price tag through its direct-to-consumer preorder model.

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