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NECC is creating an impact and empowerment for new entrepreneurs and startups, in term of preparing them in starting their entrepreneurial journey.


We are creating a soft ground for them to test their skillset and develop their critical thinking to be able to become a successful entrepreneur in the future through trial and error.


This conference is bridging the gap between new entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who can share their knowledge and experiences.





NECC is creating an positive impact and empowerment for youth, entrepreneurs and startups. We are creating a series of program to train
their skillset and develop their soft skills and entrepreneurship skills to
success in their workplace and life. This program will be a training ground
and a benchmark for them to become a successful young active citizen.


About JCI Malaysia

JCI is where our power unites.

We bring together all sectors.

Together we create sustainable impact.

We are active in the halls of government, on the streets of our communities and in the boardrooms of business.

We are not witnesses to change. We accelerate change.

We unite ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

We transform ourselves to transform our communities.

We are everyday change makers. We are JCI

To successfully create sustainable impact in dynamic world. an organisation must be guided by its principles. Practices, strategies and structures may evolve over time. but this core philosophy remains.

JCI's core philosophy is to inspire confidence, unite communities, enhance equal opportunities, establish justice, embrace cultural diversity, and create sustainable impact.

Guided by our core philosophy, we are empowered to create sustainable impact.

JCI is a grassroots movement of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are dedicated to creating positive change in our respective communities around the world. We empower young people by developing their skills, knowledge and understanding. These young people have the confidence to stand up , make informed decisions and lead their communities to take concrete action towards sustainable impacts.

In 5000 communities across nearly 120 countries, our members are recognised for embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, and are equipped to address the most critical challenges of our time. As we empower and inspire young active citizens, our global network will grow and create a better tomorrow.


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